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St Kilian World Whiskies Awards 2024


Category Winner and Gold in London

St. Kilian Distillery is honoured by a total of eleven awards


Press Release 14th February 2024

"The experimental German whisky distillery St. Kilian Distillers is seamlessly continuing the successful year of 2023. At the World Whiskies Awards in London, the renowned international competition to honour the world's best whiskies in terms of taste and design, the distillery from Lower Franconia received four gold medals, six silver medals and a bronze medal. This outstanding success not only underlines the consistently excellent quality of St. Kilian whiskies, but also the impressive variety and high level of innovation that the company from Rüdenau has brought to the world of whisky since its foundation in 2012 and the start of production in March 2016.



The outstanding winners include the single malt whiskies "Signature Edition THIRTEEN", the ultra heavily peated heavy metal edition "Judas Priest – Ram it Down" and the first edition of the innovative "Whisky Solera by St. Kilian – Peated" series.

These bottlings were each honoured with the highest award as Category Winner and the gold medal. Managing director Philipp Trützler was delighted with the renewed success:

"For us, being recognised by the World Whiskies Awards is a confirmation of our passion, tradition and innovative spirit.
With the excellent awards we see ourselves strengthened in our pursuit of the highest quality and unique flavour.
We are delighted and proud that our products stand out in international competition with the best distilleries."



The other whiskies submitted by St. Kilian Distillers also received excellent ratings from the international jury of experts.

The Awards in detail:

·       Category Winner & Gold: Whisky Solera by St. Kilian – Peated – 2023

·       Category Winner & Gold: Signature Edition THIRTEEN

·       Category Winner & Gold: Judas Priest – Ram it Down

·       Gold: Judas Priest – British Steel

·       Silver: St. Kilian CLASSIC – Mild & Fruity

·       Silver: St. Kilian PEATED – Rich & Smoky

·       Silver: Signature Edition TWELVE

·       Silver: Terence Hill – The Hero – Whisky (mild)

·       Silver: Terence Hill – The Hero – Whisky (rauchig)

·       Silver: Grave Digger – Fields of Blood

·       Bronze: Bud Spencer – The Legend – Whisky mild


Initiator Mario Rudolf is particularly delighted with the gold medal and the simultaneous award as Category Winner for the first bottling in the "Whisky Solera by St. Kilian – Peated" series.

"I am very proud that we thought about how we could transfer a solera system for sherry to single malt whisky years ago.
The way we are doing it now, with a peated and an unpeated version, is probably unique in the whisky world in terms of the system.
The fact that the first bottling has been so well received is a great success for the whole team,"

the master blender says.

Together with master distiller Zoltán Fódi, Rudolf started the whisky solera at St. Kilian a few years ago, which will be completed in around 10 years. With the annual bottlings from the

Mario Rudolf and Zoltan Fodi

Whisky Solera by St. Kilian, whisky lovers and fans of the distillery have the unique opportunity to follow the development of a German single malt whisky in the cascade-like maturation process.


Successful heavy metal collaborations

Some of the award-winning single malt whiskies in St. Kilian's heavy metal series were created in close collaboration with the iconic British heavy metal pioneers Judas Priest and the German metal giants Grave Digger. The heavy metal bottlings are characterised by a powerful and intense aroma. These whiskies represent the result of careful maturation and have complex flavour profiles that reflect the unique character of the two metal bands.


Award-winning bottlings available

With the exception of the category winners "Whisky Solera by St. Kilian – Peated" and "Judas Priest – Ram it Down", all award-winning St. Kilian whiskies are available in the online shop, at the visitor distillery in Rüdenau and from specialist retailers.


About St. Kilian Distillers GmbH

The German whisky distillery from Rüdenau near Miltenberg am Main in Lower Franconia produces top-class whiskies and liqueurs that have been awarded more than 200 gold medals at the most prestigious competitions around the globe. In addition, awards such as "World-Class Distillery", "Distillery of the Year" and "Whisky of the Year" testify to the top international level at which the young distillery, founded in 2012 by investment banker Andreas Thümmler and in production since 2016, operates with its whiskies.

St. Kilian Distillers supports the responsible use of alcohol, about which you can find out more at

For more information on the company and portfolio, visit

Press Release End


ST Kilian Solera. How is it actually made?

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