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St Kilian. My Name Is Nobody

Paloma Productions Media und Marketing GmbH

celebrates the German anniversary of the classic film

"My Name Is Nobody"

with exclusive St. Kilian single malt whisky

Special edition marks 50 years of film history

December 11th, 2023  Press Release

"Rüdenau, December 2023

The latest single malt whisky creation from St. Kilian Distillers was commissioned by Paloma Productions Media und Marketing GmbH. This company is the exclusive licence holder of Terence Hill and holds the rights to numerous TV and home entertainment productions featuring the renowned actor. The limited special edition, developed for the official Terence Hill shop, honours the 50th anniversary of the first German broadcast of the legendary western "My Name Is Nobody".


The classic film was released in German cinemas on December 13, 1973 and thrilled an audience of millions with the wonderful situational comedy of its main character. The scenes in the saloon are legendary, in which the nameless western hero takes part in a spectacular drinking game with whiskey and then humorously deals with his bald counterpart with lightning-fast slaps in the face.


This exclusive special edition was distilled at St. Kilian Distillers with the greatest dedication and craftsmanship. Matured with calm and care in the finest bourbon barrels, this noble whisky developed a full-bodied character and a deep complexity that carries the essence of the western.

A true masterpiece that captures time
and tells film history in every bottle.


The new make, made from 100% barley malt and obtained through double distillation in traditional Scottish pot stills, matured in former bourbon barrels of different sizes, but always of the best quality, in the crystal clear air of the Odenwald.

The mild special edition impresses with a beguiling fruit potpourri of ripe pears, yellow apples and juicy apricots,
accompanied by sweet vanilla with creamy caramel tones and perfectly rounded off with gently spicy, pleasantly warming oak wood notes.


Available in a limited number

The single malt whisky "My Name Is Nobody" was neither coloured nor chill-filtered and bottled in the iconic 0.7-litre bottle with an ABV strength of 50.0%. The label in the iconic western film look also gives this exquisite whisky an appealing visual touch.

The special edition, limited to 1,000 bottles, is available online from St. Kilian Distillers and directly from the distillery shop.



Tasting Notes:


Colour:  Gold



The intense vanilla fragrance with beguiling fruity notes of juicy apricots, ripe pears and yellow apples creates a tantalising aroma that is perfectly rounded off with toasted oak, a little toffee and a hint of coconut.



The fruity sweetness of yellow apples, delicious apricots and ripe pears is wonderfully balanced by the simultaneous warmth of spicy oak and a pinch of white pepper, while creamy vanilla and delicate caramel round off the flavour experience.



The warming flavours of fruit, creamy vanilla and milk chocolate linger with slightly dry oak notes and a hint of dark caramel.


ABV: 50%


RRP: € 59.90 (0.7 Litre)

About St. Kilian Distillers GmbH 

The German whisky distillery from Rüdenau near Miltenberg am Main in Lower Franconia produces top-class whiskies and liqueurs that have been awarded more than 200 gold medals at the most prestigious competitions around the globe. In addition, awards such as "World-Class Distillery", "Distillery of the Year" and "Whisky of the Year" testify to the top international level at which the young distillery, founded in 2012 by investment banker Andreas Thümmler and in production since 2016, operates with its whiskies. St. Kilian Distillers supports the responsible use of alcohol, about which you can find out more at

For more information on the company and portfolio, visit

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