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Malhar Indian Craft Gin

John Distilleries, makers of Paul John Whisky, announces launch of Malhar Indian Craft Gin

Press Release October 19th, 2022

"John Distilleries Pvt Ltd ventures into the Gin segment with the release of Malhar, a premium Indian Craft Gin.

After successfully establishing an expansive portfolio in the wine & spirits industry with single malts, premium blended whisky, wines and brandy; John Distilleries has now embarked into its vision to mark Indian Gin market on to the global map, with its launch of Malhar Indian Craft Gin.

Malhar is named after the allure of Indian monsoons and dedicated to India’s soulful ragas that celebrate this glorious season.

With refreshing flavours from small batch copper pot still distilling, curated from exquisite botanicals and Indian spices Malhar will be available to in two flavour profiles to choose from - Malhar Classic Dry Gin and Malhar Citrus Gin, both distinctive in their own ways.

The award-winning Master Distiller, Michael Dsouza, of the internationally acclaimed Paul John Whisky, proves his skill and talent yet again as he brings botanical art from the simple riches of nature to create the extraordinary, choosing ordinary spices and botanicals to coalesce into a brilliant gin.

Malhar Classic Dry Gin presents a bouquet of refreshing aromas from rich herbs, florals, peppery spice and a light citrus and juniper. The palate is fresh and fruity with sweet and spicy highlights and soft floral notes, while the finish is earthy with herbs, a sweet tingle and lasting oils.

Malhar Citrus Gin presents aromas of fresh key lime with orange and lemon peel, grapefruit and lavender. The palate has a sweet, zesty spice while the finish is highlighted with sweet, woody notes of juniper, hibiscus and angelica.

We are always closely attuned to the demands and needs of the consumer, and understanding the requirement for a premium quality gin,
we set out to dedicate our resources and passion to create a brilliant handcrafted gin from Indian botanicals and spices.

Being the makers of award-winning single malts, we believe in the value of premium quality above and beyond anything else,’

says Paul P John, Chairman, John Distilleries Pvt Ltd.

Bottled at 43% ABV, Malhar Indian Craft Gin will be available in select markets across India from October 2022 and will soon be available for consumers in USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

Sazerac Company, Inc.

Sazerac and John Distilleries raised a toast to their in twined legacies as Sazerac Company became a significant stakeholder in John Distilleries. The largest family-owned spirits company in the USA, with many reputed liquor brands under its belt, Sazerac remains a source of inspiration to continue creating exemplary single malt expressions."

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